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Our Mission »
To produce natural, bioactive ingredients from New Zealand grown fruit designed to add health functionality to a wide range of products.

What We Do

With our 100% Aqua Pure ® water extraction process, we're able to produce highly bioactive ingredients from New Zealand grown fruit and berries. Our company is the only one in the world to produce water-extracted ingredients from these fruit!

Supported by quality science, our ingredients add health functionality to a wide range of products, including dietary supplements, digestive health products, sports nutrition products, antioxidant products, and personal care products.

Our ingredients are used today in a variety of products throughout the world. We work with companies in Asia, Australia, Europe, New Zealand and North America.

Who We Are

New Zealand Extracts is located in the world renowned grape growing region of Marlborough, New Zealand. We're a lean and efficient team of biotechnology professionals with backgrounds in chemistry, engineering, pharmacology, research and business development. We came together at NZ Extracts with the common goal of producing functional, 100% natural ingredients from unique raw materials.

We pride ourselves on being easy to work with and would love to work with you – whatever your needs!

We specialize in creating customized, functional ingredients so you can deliver the best end product to your customers. Get in touch with us anytime for more information.