Digesten Kiwifruit Skin Extract

Product: Digesten Kiwifruit Skin Extract (prebiotic)
Product code: XKS
Country of origin: New Zealand

Product description: Digesten® is a water-soluble extract prepared using New Zealand Extracts unique 100% Aqua Pure® extraction process from mature kiwifruit skins. This uniquely functional ingredient is light fawny brown in colour, sweet yet mildly astringent in taste, and has no offensive flavours or odours.   

Botanical description: Actinidia deliciosa 
Other name: kiwifruit
CAS number: 92456-63-8
Plant part: skin
Solvent used: potable water
Equivalence: skin: powder 50:1
Plant preparation: wash, extract, concentrate, freeze-dry
Excipient: none
GMO: non-GMO
Minimum recommended dosage: 500 mg/g

Physical, Analytical and Microbiological Detail

Test Specification Method
Appearance Light brown fine powder Visual
Taste Mildly astringent Sensory evaluation
Odour Light aromatic Sensory evaluation
Active ingredients > 30 mg/g phenolic material AOAC 952.03 OMA online (mod)
Soluble dietary fibre > 300 mg/g AOAC 985.29 OMA online
Mesh size ** > 95% through 40 mesh Pass
Loss on drying < 5% BP or USP loss on drying method
Water activity < 0.25 AquaLab Operator’s manual
Solubility in water > 95% In-house method
Pesticides residue Complies with BP 2004 Appendix XI L and USP 561 Solvent extraction, SPE cleanup, GC-MS/MS and LC-MS/MS analysis
Lead (Pb) < 3.0 ppm Biological materials digestion ICP-MS
Mercury (Hg) < 0.1 ppm Biological materials digestion ICP-MS
Arsenic (As) < 3.0 ppm Biological materials digestion ICP-MS
Cadmium (Cd) < 1.0 ppm Biological materials digestion ICP-MS
Total plate count < 2000 cfu/g APHA 8.72 5th Ed
Yeasts and moulds < 2,000 cfu/g APHA 21.5 (modified) 5th Ed
Escherichia coli Negative/10g APHA 9.93 (modified) 5th Ed
Salmonella Negative/10g ISO 6579-1:2017
Staphylococcus aureus Negative/10g APHA 39.6 (modified) 5th Ed
Shelf life 24 months  
Storage In a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight
Packaging 2x 10 kg, net 20 kg, within a heat sealed, nitrogen flushed, foil laminate bags within individual cartons and then packed together in a heavy-duty cardboard outer.    
Certification Kosher certification is available on request.
NOTE Individuals who are allergic to kiwifruit may also be allergic to products containing Kiwifruit Skin Extract. 

- Date of issue: 19th July 2023
- Replaces: 29th March 2023