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NZ Extracts releases actiVLayr® - a new anti-wrinkle skin care technology

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Study shows grape seed extract delivers powerful UV protection

Results of a scientific study show evidence of the protective effects of NZ Extract’s grape seed extract when skin proteins are exposed to UV rays. Study conducted in partnership with AgResearch.

Interview with NZ Extracts examines the company's unique products and scientific evidence behind them

Dr. Glenn Vile, General Manager of NZ Extracts, discusses the protective properties of the company's grape seed extract, shown to protect the skin from UV rays. Vile also explains the all-natural, water extraction process the company uses to produce extracts with significantly concentrated levels of bioactivity.

Skin care companies excited about grape seed extract as a potential sunscreen

TV 3news segment showcasing the UV protective properties of NZ Extract’s grape seed extract. Segment also includes brief interview with Antipodes Skin Care highlighting the potential use of this extract as a natural sunscreen.

Grape seeds no longer winery waste as innovative companies make grape seed extracts with proven health benefits

Athletes link use of Oxifend® Sport to speedy muscle recovery