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NZ Grape Seed Extract joining the fight for COVID-19?

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NZ Grape Seed Extract joining the fight for COVID-19?

Our 100% NZ pure Sauvignon Blanc grape seed extract is being used by the Japanese market in a popular product, which promotes benefits for eczema sufferers and anti-ageing properties. Our attention was brought to an article (link below), which was published in a leading Tokyo newspaper. It mentions the research of a local scientist and some results confirming the antiviral properties of grape seed extract - something that we’ve been promoting for a while now.

Grape seed extract is also known for its anti-inflammatory and immunity-boosting properties. It’s also been known to protect against environmental aggressors and other lifestyle conditions. Read more about our own research and findings HERE.

Our 100% bio-active, functional extract is the world’s premium grape seed extract. We produce it from pure New Zealand-grown grapes which bask in intense sunlight and low pollution levels forcing the fruit to work overtime and increasing the potency of this highly effective extract.

We’re incredibly proud to see our extract being used and proven in Japan - a country known for its scientifically advanced skincare.

But how exactly does all this relate to COVID-19?

As much as we’re looking forward to the world returning to normal amidst the lasting effects of COVID-19, we don’t expect things to ever be back to the normal we once knew. We can expect increased levels of screening, hygiene measures, and the promotion of personal care and health and wellbeing. Keeping ourselves and each other safe and well has always been important, but it will be even more so now.
Being a company that has spent 15 years producing a unique advanced aqua molecular filtration with scientifically proven, high-potency natural extracts, we’re watching these developments with enthusiasm. Making products to incorporate into an effective self care routine - our ‘new normal’ should be, we think, viewed as a market sector that is about to see a huge surge in relevance.
So, of course, we’d like to take this moment in time to bring your attention to our grape seed extract.

100% New Zealand natural. Sustainably grown and produced. BioGrow Certified. Potent antiviral properties.
And joining the global fight against COVID-19.

For more information about our Grape Seed Extract and other natural, sustainable extracts, please contact us:

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